Nehemiah 5:1-19 — Dealing With Satan’s Attacks: The Attacks of Selfishness and Grumbling

As we turn to the study of Nehemiah 5, the opposition and attacks continue. However, this chapter reveals a different kind of attack — the way the enemy tries to get Nehemiah to quit working on the wall takes on a different approach.

When we studied Nehemiah chapter 4, we saw that the attacks were coming from the outside through Sanballat, Tobiah, and Geshem. Now, in chapter 5, the attack is launched from within, as the workers on the wall become self-focused and begin to grumble.

In this message, Pastor Kevin shows the devastating affect of this attitude on God’s people. From the passage you will discover what selfishness looks like and how it spreads among God’s people.

And more importantly you will see how Nehemiah dealt with this type of selfishness and grumbling. And when we see how Nehemiah responded to this attack, we will see how we can do the same things too.

I. THE CONVERSATIONS — What was being said (v.1-5)

  • The Problems — 3 Things
  • The People — 4 Groups

II. THE CONFRONTATION — What Nehemiah did (v.6-11)

  • He Consulted with Himself (v.7a)
  • He Confronted Those Who Were Selfish (v.7b-8)
  • He Challenged Them to Change (v.9-11)

III. THE CONCLUSION — How they responded (v.12-19)


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