In a fallen world, we expect things to go wrong, and to that end, we often need help from others to sort things out. While every Christian has a responsibility to live in a loving and caring way towards others, our church recognizes that there are some who are especially gifted to help with life’s most difficult problems.

To help counsel people through these difficult problem of life, we offer what we call Biblical Counseling here at Grace Bible Church. Our counseling ministry, together with all of the ministries in our church, seeks to partner together to accomplish our five-fold purpose:

  • Exalting God’s Grace
  • Growing God’s People
  • Reaching God’s World
  • Preaching God’s Word
  • Modeling God’s Love

The counseling ministry at GBC, which is open to our Church membership as well as our community, is unique in that it is totally committed to using God’s Sufficient Word when it comes to helping people change. Our counseling methods do not overlook true medical issues that can contribute to and complicate the issues a person may be struggling with. However, when it comes to the moral and spiritual issues of life, as defined by God’s Word, we counsel from Scripture and help people accurately understand and apply God’s Word of grace to their lives.

The goals of our counseling ministry are: To love those we counsel, help them learn what God’s Word teaches, show them how to practically apply those truths, and connect them with the local Church for their good and God’s glory.

If you would like to schedule a counseling appointment, please call our church office at 706-746-5823

If you have any additional questions about our Counseling Ministry, please contact Pastor Kevin Hurt by calling the church office at 706-746-5823 or emailing him at