Teaching the truths of Scripture and Training in righteousness is something that we are very serious about here at Grace Bible Church, and something that we are committed is an internal part of the Christian’s growth — from kindergarten to retirees.

Offered every Sunday morning from 9:30 – 10:30 am, our Sunday School classes are one of the primary ways that we are able to teach the truths of Scripture to disciple Christians in a systematic and regular way. Our Sunday School classes, together with all of the ministries in our church, seeks to partner together to accomplish our five-fold purpose:

  • Exalting God’s Grace
  • Growing God’s People
  • Reaching God’s World
  • Preaching God’s Word
  • Modeling God’s Love

In order to accomplish this, we currently offer a variety of Adult and Children/Youth Sunday School Classes. All of our classes emphasize the truth of Scripture as the authoritative and sufficient Word of God. Teachers choose the topics for study based on a desire for their classes to better understand the sovereignty of God, His grace, and His love. The goal of all the classes is to educate people so that they are able to “defend the faith” and evangelize the lost.


The four adult classes that are currently offered span the overall interests and learning styles of GBC’s membership

  • College & Career Class (Ages 18-30) — ROOM 1
  • Marriage & Family (for married/engaged couples) — ROOM 6
  • Mixed Ages; Co-Ed —ROOM 4
  • Mixed Ages; Co-Ed —ROOM 5


We also offer children and youth Sunday School classes, intended to lay a foundation for the faith by emphasizing the truths of Scripture in an age-appropriate way.

  • Ages 2-5 — ROOM 2
  • 1st – 3rd Grade — ROOM 3
  • 4th – 6th Grade — ROOM 7
  • 7th – 12th Grade — YOUTH ROOM

We hope that you will consider checking out the various Sunday School classes that we offer here at Grace Bible Church. If you have any questions about a specific class, current studies, etc., please contact our elder that oversees the Sunday School ministry, Larry McRae. You can contact Larry by calling the church office at 706-746-5823 or by emailing Larry@MyGraceBibleChurch.org