Frequently Asked Questions

We are so glad that you are interested in learning more about Grace Community Groups at GBC. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.

What Is a Grace Community Group (GCG)?

GCG’s are the new connection point at our church, designed to connect members, attenders, and visitors in order to develop relationships and biblical community.

What Is the Purpose of a GCG?

The purpose of our GCG’s is to bridge the gap between the public gathering of God’s people and individual one-on-one discipleship. These groups will serve as a connection point for biblical community, where we will gather together and be equipped and enabled to engage in fellowship, discipleship, prayer, accountability, service, and outreach.

When Will These GCG’s Meet?

Each group will meet once per month on their particular Sunday. Each group is assigned to one of the four Sundays of each month, with one group meeting on the 1st Sunday of each month, another on the 2nd, and so forth.

Where Will These GCG’s Meet?

The groups will meet in homes in order to facilitate the community we are seeking. Some groups will meet in the same home each month, while others will rotate homes among members of the group.

Who Will Be Leading These Groups?

Initially, each of our 4 elders will be leading their own group. As we move forward, we will be identifying, training, and equipping assistants to be ready to lead their own group when needed.

What Happens When the GCG Gets Too Big?

Though we do not have a set number that designates a group’s maximum size, there will come a time when groups become too large to meet in a particular home and will multiply. It is our goal that we will see every group go through this multiplication process as we have more of our church involved in and inviting others to these groups. As this happens, the group will multiply, with the assistant becoming the leader of the new group. Then, both the new group and the existing group will get a new assistant, and we will begin training and equipping those assistants for when the process happens again.

What Does a Typical Night at a GCG Look Like?

Each group will set its own two-hour meeting time on their particular Sunday. The night will start with a brief introduction and prayer by the leader, followed by a time of sharing a meal together. This meal time will consist of roughly half of the meeting, as you share a meal with people and engage in fellowship and conversations getting to know each other. Following the meal, the leader or assistant will lead a brief devotional time, which will be followed by sharing prayer requests and praying for one another.

What are Some of the Long-Term Goals of GCG’s?

We are prayerfully anticipating that these GCG’s will serve to strengthen our church body, encourage attenders to plug in to the life of the church, and reach out into our community with the good news of the Gospel. To that end, we hope these GCG’s will help us in our discipleship, fellowship, prayer, accountability, service, and outreach.

What about Children?

We encourage the children, from the youngest to the oldest, to be involved in our Community Groups as much as able. There may be some situations where the younger children will go to another room because of a sensitive prayer request, or other situations where younger infants or toddlers need to go have a time to play. Each group will make these accommodations as needed, but overall the children are encouraged to be a part of these GCG’s together with their family.

How Can You Connect with a GCG?

You will hopefully hear all about these Community Groups from the leaders, assistants, members, and others. But we want to encourage you, as a member, regular attender, or visitor of GBC, to reach out to one of the leaders of these groups in order to find out more information and connect with that group. You can view those groups by CLICKING HERE. Feel free to try out multiple groups to see which one connects best with you and your family, but we hope that you will find one that you can plug into as your Grace Community Group.