Nehemiah 4:9-23 — Dealing With Satan’s Attacks: Discouragement

In this sermon, Pastor Kevin continues his series on the book of Nehemiah. In this passage we see the spiritual attacks and struggles that God’s people encounter when they seek to fulfill God’s purposes in their life, especially the attack of discouragement.

I. DISSECTING DISCOURAGEMENT — What does it look like? (v. 9-12)

  • Fatigue (v.10a)
  • Frustration (v.10b)
  • Faith (v.10c)
  • Fear (v.11-12)

II. DEALING WITH DISCOURAGEMENT — What can you do? (v.13-23)

  • He Prayed (v.9, 14a)
  • He Prepared (v.13-23)


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