1.6-22 - When You Get the Worst News of Your Life SQUARE

Job 1:6-22 — When You Get the Worst News of Your Life

In this message, we are reminded that life has been good for Mr. Job (1:1-5). Now we come to verse 6 and the verses that follow, and we learn that Job’s world is turned upside down. As these verses unfold, we see that Job receives the worst news of his life. It is not just one bad piece of news, but four devastating messages that he receives in one day. As the readers of Job, we ask, “Why is God allowing this in His life?” As we study these verses, we are made aware of a heavenly conversation between God and Satan that leads to Job’s suffering. And as this day unfolds, God has proven, not only to Satan but also to the onlooking world, that Job is not a fake and he doesn’t serve God because of His blessings. Why, then, does Job love and serve God? As you listen to this message, you will discover that Job’s response to this worst day of his life provides that answer for us.

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