Hebrews - Jesus Is Better SQUARE

Hebrews 7:11-24 — Jesus, The Perfect & Permanent Priest

In this message, Pastor Kevin helps us see how Jesus is our great priest who is perfect and continues forever. In the previous verses (vs. 1-10) the writer of Hebrews has been showing the similarities between the priesthood of Jesus to that of Melchizedek. But now, in this next section (vs. 11-24), the writer moves to a contrast between Jesus and the O.T. priesthood. He does this in order to show us how imperfect and temporary the O.T. priesthood was and how perfect and forever the priesthood of Jesus is. Understanding this truth is essential to our lives as Christians since it alone is what enable us to confidently “draw near to God.”

*Due to technical complications with the video, the closing illustration is only in the audio version of the sermon.

The outline filled-in is attached.


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