Kevin Hurt

Kevin Hurt – Pastor

Kevin came to Christ at age 19. After his conversion to Christ he believed that God was calling him to ministry so he began his preparation for this call and attended the Evangelical Institute in Greenville, SC. Following graduation, God called him to Clayton, GA to pastor a small group of about 5 families. That was in 1988 and marked the start of his ministry in Clayton GA. God grew that group into what is now Grace Bible Church. Pastor Kevin has an earned Doctorate from the Master’s School of Divinity, and he also serves as the Executive V.P. for the IABC (International Association of Biblical Counselors). Pastor Kevin has been married to Pam since 1981, and they have three adult children.

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What has been the most influential book in your Christian life (outside of the Bible)?

By far D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ 14 volume series on Romans covering his 13 years of preaching through Romans.

What are your hobbies?

Friday night High School football, golf, and bowling.

What is one interesting/random fact about yourself?

Though I have preached regularly since 1981, I am still anxious and unsure of myself every time I preach