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Danny Gillespie — Deacon

Danny has been in the cabinet business his entire life. He started Gillespie Cabinet Shop when he was 27 years old. They have now been in business almost 35 years. Danny first came to Christ when he was 10 years, though he fell away for a portion of his life. He spent about 10 years in the Episcopal church where he was very involved, served on the Vestry and as a Server with the Priest.

Danny and his wife have been at GBC since 2008. He loves his church and his church family. Danny has been married to his wife, Pam, since xxx and they have xxx children.

What has been the most influential book in your Christian life (outside of the Bible)?

There is no particular book, only authors. The ones that have meant more to me are sermons and quotes from Spurgeon​, Calvin, and in modern-day, McArthur and Piper. I read more of these by far than particular books.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are shooting and reloading ammunition. I have also started building some rifles that I have really enjoyed. I enjoy the outdoors, being in the woods, hunting, or just hiking to someplace that is beautiful.

What is one interesting/random fact about yourself?

I once served as mayor for Clatyon, GA